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Ants crawling over wood chips


There are various species of ant in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Three of the more common ants in the area are Acrobat Ants, Carpenter Ants, and Odorous Ants. All three species will enter your home if there is an available food source. 

Acrobat Ants can be distinguished by their heart shaped abdomens. They are able to balance their abdomen over their heads making them appear as if they are doing a handstand, hence the name Acrobat Ants. These pests can nest in rotting wood in your home, as well as insulation. Acrobat Ants rarely bite humans. 

Carpenter Ants are a larger ant species. Like the Acrobat ant, the Carpenter Ant can also nest in decaying wood within your home. Carpenter Ants can worsen structural damage to your home. Carpenter Ants can bite humans. When they bite they inject formic acid causing a sharp pain in their victim. 

Odorous Ants get their name from the odor they emit when crushed. The smell has been described similar to rotten coconuts. Odorous Ants are a small ant species, native to the United States. When they find their way into a home, Odorous Ants nest under the floor and in the walls.  These ants are known to prefer sweet foods, however they will eat just about anything they can reach. 


The right knowledge, training, customer service and experience are what enable Affordable Pest Control Service to recognize and carry out the most effective ant control in the area.

As with any pest control service, a preliminary inspection will need to be performed. In most cases, a trail of ants will be found entering the home structure. This may occur through gaps in plumbing, under doors, behind stucco, through foundation vents or even on tree limbs that are lying on the roof.

The main method we employ is a chemical perimeter treatment of the structure. Because ants are social insects, they are consistently in physical contact with each other. Once the chemical treatment goes into effect, millions of microscopic capsules of its active ingredient are left on the treated surface. As the ants walk across this surface, they pick up these capsules in the tiny hairs on their legs and bodies. Due to their social behavior, these capsules are transferred from the ants that have had physical contact with the treated surface to the ants that have not, thereby effectively killing off the entire colony. This can take up to five days. During this time, it is highly advisable not to use any other type of material on the treated surface or the ants. This effective method lends itself to the best and longest-lasting ant control for your home.

We may also use other products such as baits or dust insecticides on the interior of your home along perimeter walls, or in hollow walls through electrical outlets or plumbing. Recommendations may also be made by the service technician to remove food sources, water sources and plant and tree growth in order to keep new ant colonies from forming.


Affordable provides and advises on ant control in the Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Eastern Maryland areas by limiting their reproduction and survival potential through a variety of means. Removing food, water and shelter and applying appropriate chemical control measures provide an impact that does not just eliminate the current problem but also ensures it will not come back.

For expert ant control in the area, please call 302-993-1016 to receive a free quote.

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