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Bats are a protected species; The maternity season for little brown and big brown bats (the species most likely to use human made structures for maternity colonies) in Delaware is generally between May 15 and August 31 and complete exclusions should not take place between these dates. Between these times, if complete exclusions are performed flightless pups can become separated from their mothers and die inside the structure. Your affordable pest control technician will ensure that they nor their young will be harmed during your “Affordable Bat exclusion”. The first step to successfully exclude bats from inside your property is a thorough inspection of all exterior components that exist on your home such as attics, chimneys, roof lines, siding etc.

Once we accurately identify all active entry points, our technician will custom create a specifically designed one way door that allows the invading bats to exit your home but not return.  After the bats have been removed, Affordable Pest Control offers sanitation, insulation and remediation services to effectively clean any contaminated surfaces and materials to protect you and your family. If you’re looking for affordable bat exclusion in the PA, DE, and MD area Call Affordable Pest Control Service.

Bat exclusion can be a very difficult and dangerous process that typically involves high ladder work and construction skills to diagnose and solve the problem, so keep this in mind if you are a “Do–it-Yourselfer”. Leave it to the professional and we will design a plan that allows us to effectively exclude your current bat population while at the same time, sealing any gaps that could provide future access into your home.

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